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What is a Mobile Funnel? And why do you need it?
A Mobile Funnel is a series of online steps that turn your visitors into leads and new customers. Just like you would do it in person, only online and automated.
Over 90% of your social media visitors are mobile today. On the smartphone, completely new principles apply as on the PC. 
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Why generate our Mobile Funnels
new leads so easily?

The following 4 reasons show why hundreds of companies from various industries are already successfully acquiring leads and new customers with our Mobile Funnels.

Fastest possible loading times ensure double conversion

Google has found out that 50% of the users already drop out after a loading time of 3 seconds. Perspective Funnels is based on a special technology that enables the fastest loading times on the market.

More qualified leads through personalized results pages.

Depending on what your visitor clicks on in your Mobile Funnel, you can address them individually on your results page. This increases the quality of your leads.

90% more interaction through typing instead of lots of text.

If you've already been through a Mobile Funnel, you know how great interactive typing feels. On mobile devices, we love to click instead of having to read a lot of text.

More confidence through serious design

A serious design creates trust. More than that: our users expect serious and beautiful websites today. 


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